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Hedge & Tree Trimming

Top Rated Hedge Trimming 

Trimming hedges requires precise experience and the right equipment. Unfortunately small mistakes while trimming can lead to irreversible damage and can lead to misshaped hedges that may require removal. The outer shell of a hedge (the green part) is extremely thin so overcutting will ruin the overall shape. DGM has been providing excellent hedge services since 1998. Enjoy routine hedge maintenance you can feel confident in. 

Ottawa Tree Trimming Experts 

Cutting trees can be a dangerous undertaking especially without the right equipment and safety gear. Allow DGM Landscaping trim unwanted branches with today's best safety practices. We also haul branches away while other companies leave them for you to dispose of. 

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The Benefits of Hedge and Tree Trimming

Hedges can be one of the most important aspects in creating your dream yard. While hedges can accentuate your home and help evoke a sense of security, they can also double as a living privacy wall while providing useful utility to the environment, drawing in beautiful birds such as cardinals and blue jays further enhancing the serenity of your yard. Tree trimming can reduce leaves, needles for less cleanup in the yard as well as less strain on pools, gutters and chimneys. 

Best Pricing & Service

Take advantage of Ottawa's best available pricing for Hedge & Tree Trimming services. DGM Landscaping has a large arsenal of powerful machines and gear, meaning we can get the job done faster saving you both time and money. 

Experienced Staff and Advice

We are happy to provide professional solutions and advice for hedge shaping and tree trimming. Once you cut a branch the change is permanent so we like to consider the entire look and feel of the yard before cutting. The same goes for hedges, any miscuts can result in permanent damage to the shape of the hedge. 

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  • We have used DGM Landscaping for years...Wonderful job of trimming our trees. Always great service and professionalism and skill. Do a good clean up afterwards I would highly recommend them
    Gabe Z

Lawn Maintenance

Keep your lawn looking beautiful all season with punctual mowing, weed whacking, weed control and much more. We offer Residential and Commercial lawn services.

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Snow Removal

Enjoy same day snow removal all season long. Add on path shoveling and salting services so you can make the most of winter with minimal hassle. 

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Garden Landscaping

DGM has years of experience building new gardens or cleaning up and maintaining current gardens. Whatever your garden needs we have you covered. 

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Hedge & Tree Trimming

Clean and well shaped hedges/trees can make all the difference for your homes overall appearance. We have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right.

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Providing the finest property landscaping management and snow removal services.

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